LionShare is a professional community. 

We are a community of Portfolio Managers, Wholesalers, Marketing Gurus, Techies, and Advisors that are looking for something better than the on-the-shelf big-box solutions offered by custodians. We build solutions for the distribution of investment strategies on a boutique proposal platform.

You may have the best-tasting “lemonade” in the country; and your stand is perched next to a busy expressway; the lemonade is fairly priced, and it is the hottest day of the summer. You have the right product and are in the right place. However, the opportunity to connect with potential customers never happens because there is no exit ramp off the expressway, or easy-to-follow directions to your stand. Customers pass you by even though you have the best product in the land. Customers pass by because there is no convenient way to connect. We make that connection with marketing, white labeling, education, training and strategic alliances with advisor producer groups.

We build relationships deeper than traditional third-party marketers. Most third-party marketing firms are dedicated to sales and marketing resources without the uncertainty, overhead and opportunity costs of an in-house solution. LionShare does all of that but goes a step further with the ability to craft a message/story, create a design(s), build marketing campaign(s), navigate regulatory procedures, and or provide a distribution process. The world is more complicated and requires specialized insight and skills to gain market share. LionShare is your partner in building assets, with integrity and certainty.

Investment management firms on a tight budget often rely upon portfolio managers or other in-house staff to serve as sales executives. Like portfolio management, sales and marketing should be a full-time job, with professionals devoted exclusively to this core function. LionShare has multiple approaches to help drive increased results/distribution with your firm. Let your people focus on the lemonade — we will focus on getting traffic to your stand.