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The secret sauce... advisor support!

How We Do It

  1. Hard work    
    • Rejection immunity — focus on goals and success
  2. Leverage technology — passive marketing to keep opportunities warm and increase interest
  3. Relationship marketing — touch points with character
  4. Proprietary distribution — proposal system
  5. Whitelabel: Independent, small RIAs, affinity marketing
  6. Marketing by Land, Air & Sea: Marketing and Branding is Business “War”    
    • Email blasts: casting a broad net
    • Event marketing
    • Direct mail
    • Boots on the ground
    • Speaking events
    • Case design
    • Educational webinars
    • Fork in the Road events

Case Design

  1. Proposal System: Riskalyze / MoneyGuidePro®
  2. Advisor Advocates: Industry professionals that help advisors build solutions to help fulfill client needs.
  3. Direct access to Portfolio Managers: Available for client presentations

LionShare Investment Academy

A 2.5 day event consisting of some old-school training leading to greater accountability. This is done through:

  • Roleplay
  • Presentations directly from Portfolio Managers
  • Focusing on solutions
  • Teaching process and procedures
  • Idea sharing
  • Best practices

White Label Opportunities

Your like and image — our Portfolio Managers. This allows advisors to focus on asset gathering rather than managing money.

 Marketing Capabilities     
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Social
  • Video/Podcast

Practice Multipliers

Adapted from our famous Increase Your Quality of Life (IQL) series. Practice Multipliers are proven ideas, concepts, and thoughts that will help an advisor build their practice. The topics are vast, succinct, and direct. If taken to market they work. Our Advisor Advocates use these to deliver timely solutions to items that plague advisors. The idea is if you teach someone how to fish, and what to use as bait, they will always come to your bait store.