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How We Operate

Operational Proactivity

  • Investment funds are competing in an increasingly competitive market — high touch is the success for managers.
  • Investors and independent advisors expect more and are asking for more — less trash and trinkets & more practice management content and business building initiatives.
  • Managers need to ensure that they have a satisfactory operational infrastructure in order to attract assets.
  • Biggest sweeping change in manager/fund assessment is more robust and detailed due diligence — second set of eyes on structure, and players.
  • There is a penalty for being different in the marketing cycle — values don't change, the marketing needs to.

Operational Quality

We need to market and represent quality:
  • Appointment of a capable administrator and reputable auditor.
  • Adequate accounting controls: no segregation of duties or problems.
The filters of a relationship — the Regal way:
  • Alignment
  • Ethics/Compliance
  • Fun!