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Three Critical Steps in Building a Brand in Financial Services Marketing

Providing A High Quality Product Offering/Service

With thousands of funds/SMAs/TAMPS, a marketable strategy should be in the top half-quartile.

Return performance is not necessarily the most important, but it is the first topic of discussion during an introduction. We focus on:
  • Service
  • Value Add
  • Relationship
Understand evaluation factors advisors utilize:
  • Investment team and pedigree
  • Investment process (differentiators)
  • Risk controls
  • Performances
  • Operational infrastructure
  • Service providers

Creating a Concise, Linear & Consistent Marketing Message

This identifies the differential advantages across all evaluation factors, and can be quickly dismissed if the message is not informed and correctly scripted. It is very important that the message is clearly understood and consistently integrated throughout all forms of communication:

  • Written Materials
  • Oral presentations
  • Website
  • Due diligence questionnaire
  • Quarterly letters
  • Email blasts
  • Video marketing
  • Speaking engagements

Highly Focused Marketing and Sales Strategy

Positioning yourself to stand out from the thousands of funds/SMAs/TAMPS takes time — this must be thoughtful and cannot be rushed.

Multiple meetings & touch points (consistency is key!)

  • Someone must be focused full time on each prospect to build relationships
  • Know your investor base, and which best fit your strategy, size, and return history.
Most expedient, cost-effective marketing penetration:
  • Internal sales team
  • Top-tier third-party marketing firm
  • Combination