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Advisors Partnering with Advisors

Gain the Tools to Grow Your Business

Adapted from our famous Increase Your Quality of Life (IQL) series, Practice Multipliers are proven ideas, concepts, and thoughts that will help an advisor build their practice. Many of these ideas and tools work for investment advisors representatives. The topics are vast, succinct, and direct. If taken to market they work.

Our LionShare team have a practice management concentration use these to deliver timely solutions to items that plague our advisors. We have made mistakes and learned from those lessons as we have grown our RIA/BD. We have assembled a team of professionals that will leverage our resources and bring their experience and expertise to help affiliated parties. 

Three Ingredients for Business Growth

Your clients want your time. Your business demands it. You want to grow. What can you do?

LionShare can help. We’ve consulted with hundreds of advisors to bring you valuable insights. Below are peer-to-peer best practices and resources to help you manage the demands on your time today and grow your business for the future.

To read more, download the Three Ingredients for Business Growth white paper below!


Advocate Service Matrix Explained

Call Rotation
- A regularly scheduled, outbound call, used to check in with clients in a consistent and proactive manner.
- Call rotations are typically scheduled in 90-day, 180-day or 360-day intervals.

- Implementation of the call rotation will further demonstrate your value and build trust.

To read more, download the Advocate Service Matrix Explained white paper below!


Building Trust

“You are probably wondering: How can I create trust quickly, efficiently and effortlessly; as well as sustaining and expanding the trust my clients have in me over the life of our relationship? The answer is simple. You need to create consistent experiences every time you or your staff interacts with a client or prospective client..."You can not fake it until you make when it comes to authenticity. Our team and will work with an advisor to create an individual growth plan. That plan requires only that the RIA place assets with our LionShare platform manager(s). Coupled with Practice Manaagement Director (PMD), LionShare Leadership, and Advisor Advocates  create a team  of experience, and desire to to reach a common goal.

To read more, download the Building Trust white paper below!


Classifying Clients "It's about more than just assets"

Many financial advisors already realize the importance of using some sort of client classification/model. After all, if 80% of your revenues derive from 20% of your clients, it makes sense to figure out exactly who these clients are. That way, you can make a commitment to spend 80% of your time and energy on this elite group.

To read more, download the Classifying Clients white paper below!


‘Reactive’ Advisor or Entrepreneur?

  1. “You need to make a decision that will have a significant impact on your business and your life: Do you want to be an entrepreneur or a reactive advisor? You can’t be both at the same time. You may have a difficult time accepting the notion that you may not really be an entrepreneur...

To read more, download the ‘Reactive’ Advisor or Entrepreneur white paper below!


Sales Model vs. Advisor Model

In the financial services industry, there are two different types of financial professionals that emerge: The Sales Model and The Professional Model.

To read more, download the Sales Model vs. Advisor Model white paper below!


The Winning Edge

The winning edge refers to the distinction which separates the best from the rest. This distinction is often small; however, the difference in rewards can be huge.The winning edge says that small differences in knowledge and ability can lead to enormous differences in results. Take a horse race. A horse that wins by a nose still earns ten times more prize money than the horse that places second. The first place horse is clearly not ten times faster --ten times better -- than the second horse; it is only a nose better. Nonetheless, the slightly faster horse wins the vast majority of the purse. The first place horse benefits from the winning edge.

To read more, download the Sales Model vs. Advisor Model white paper below!