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Regal Holdings Celebrates 20 Years with Launch of LionShare

Press Release

KENTWOOD, MI, January 21, 2020 — Regal Holdings of America, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of LionShare, our new investment management distribution platform. LionShare will complement our existing range of financial planning and advisory offerings to clients and advisors currently provided through Regal Investment Advisors, Regulus Advisors, Regal Financial Group, and Regal Charitable all under the Regal Holdings umbrella.

LionShare offers money managers a robust platform to market their strategies and provides Regal Investment Advisors with an increasingly diverse menu of “boutique” investment solutions to help meet their clients’ objectives. “The beauty of LionShare is that we have built a platform that has strategies matching every risk profile to help advisors create custom solutions for their clients,” said John Kailunas II, CEO and Founder of Regal Holdings.

Strategies featured on the LionShare platform include Regalfolios, Dunamis, Durand Capital Partners, North Star Investment Management, Pelican Bay Capital Management, and the LionShares’ Partner Series, ESG, and Tax Aware portfolios. As of December 31, there were $333.8 million in assets under management on the LionShare platform.

“As an affiliated entity, one of the huge benefits of LionShare is that it gives Regal advisors the ability to interact directly with portfolio managers to discuss their strategies, market conditions, and to work through client cases,” added Mr. Kailunas.

January 2020 marks 20 years in business for Regal Holdings. Originally founded as Regal Financial Group, the Company has launched several entities since its founding, including Regal Investment Advisors, Regulus Advisors, Regal Charitable, and now LionShare.